Introduction :

People generally are living in different parts of Pakistan lacking basic amenities of life, in poverty and pains. Due to lack of resources and backwardness they lack collective thinking and have not been able to cater for basic needs for collective good. Everybody keeps looking towards successive governments for development works.

�Pravalli Welfare Trust� has undertaken to instil habit of �self - help� in the masses by helping them to indicate, organize & execute development works on their own. Pravalli helps them financially by providing them with 70-100 % funds depending on the financial outlay. Pravalli means , Brotherhood?? in local language of Rawalpindi and Abbottabad. Our area of works is extended from district Abbottabad in KPK Province to Sindh Province.


Pravalli welfare trust was established in 2001. It is a registered trust that has completed a large number of schemes in this period. Its programs include the following:--

1. Water Supply Schemes.
In Thar desert area which is far away from cities water bore with hand pump costs Rs. 60,000.
Please note these are 5 inches bores fitted with hand pump. In areas that are near to main roads it costs Rs. 45,000.
In villages near to the rivers it costs only Rs. 15,000. In North in hilly areas pumping scheme from water pit/ spring to houses on higher ground costs about Rs. 45,000. Water well about 60 to 90 feet deep and 4 feet dia will cost around Rs. 220,000 after lining it with Bricks/Rcc rings, steel cover and electric pumping system. If stone / rock does not come in the way. If rock comes then has to be blasted with dynamite and cost more.

2. Goats for Rozgar : One goat with a 3/4 months old child in North to each poor household (mostly widows) to alleviate them from poverty. This costs Rs 28,000. The child goat will be taken back and given to next widow. Rs. 40,000. In Sind we give 4 small goats for Rs 40,000 since these are cheaper there.

3. Technical training of jobless young men : For each person Rs. 8,000 for one month technical course. 16,000 for two months technical course.

4. Marriage of poor orphan Girl We give Rs. 30,000 to each girl.

5. Ramzan package for widows in Ramzan : Provision of cash Rs. 3,000 to each family to buy commodities according to their own needs.

6. Trees Plantation : Provision of fruit trees at the doorstep of farmers for Rs. 80 per trees.

7. Sponsor Education of a poor child in Thar: We will provide them teacher and building, books and copies. Rs 3,000 per year per child.

8. Roshan Thar Scheme : To illuminate on house with solar electricity. It costs Rs. 15,000.

You can see the photos of the latest works at the following Facebook link :

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