Micro Financing Programs: Updated Oct 2018

This program has four components.

1) Interest free loan for establishment of small businesses (Rozgar Schemes) :

We have launched this program in Sindh and Rawalpindi. We pay loan to the poor jobless people to establish their business. The amount disbursed to each person is Rs. 15,000 or more. With this money they can start Sabzi shop or karyana store, milk selling point, donkey cart, buy Rehri or cart to sell stores and make a living. They are asked to pay back this amount in easy instalments so that the money can be given to more needy. A total of 35 families have been helped so far.

Serial noDatePlaceNo of Persons SupportedRozgar type
      1Jan 2014Shikarpur Sindh5       Sabzi shop, Karyana store, donkey Cart
      2Feb 2014Pir Wadhai Rawalpindi2       Kabaria, white washing
      3Mar 2014Larkana Sindh4       Fruit shop, Karyana, donkey cart.
      4May 2014Pir Wadhai Rawalpindi3       Car washing, kiryana shop, Rikshaw
      5Sep 2014Pir Wadhai Rawalpindi9       Shop in house, Kabaria, Garment selling, Rikshaw
      6Oct 2014Larkana Sindh3       All Karyana shops
      7March 2015Badin Sindh5       Rehri, Karyana
      92017Danah1       Construction Material Supply
      102017Musah Khel DG Khan1       For Goats and chicken farming
      112018Rawalpindi1       Purchase of Loading Suzuki
      112018Abbottabad1       Kayrana Shop

2) Plantation of Fruit Trees in Villages :

In year 2013 we stated this program. We give fruit trees like Apricot (Khubani), Plumb (Alu Bokhara), Peach (Aaru) Lemon, Guava (Amrud), Pomegrate (Anar) and Anjir (Fig –Japanese Fruit) to the farmers of 9 villages. This will certainly help them financially when these trees mature in 4/5 years. We plan to distribute more trees every year in this scheme.

Serial noDatePlaceNo of trees distributed
1Feb 2013In Chinjah for Chinjah, Sataura, Trimman, Kangrotar, Fateh Abad, Massah Saydan farmers760
2Mar 2013Narwara, Mairlan, 1,200
3Mar 2014Chinjah + for Chinjah, Sataura, Trimman,Kangrotar, Fateh Abad, Massah Saydan & Kohala 1,750
4Mar 2014Dubran300
52014Distribution of moringa seeds260
62015Distribution of fruit trees in Sataura, Kohala, Nara and Narhotar2950
72016TakhtParri and Thar400
820185 Villages of District Abbottabad400

3) Grafting of wild Olive Tree of people with good quality olives :

There are Thousands of wild olive trees in our area of activities. We are getting those grafted with good quality olive. About 3000 trees have been grafted and about 500 will be grafted in each season. This will generate permanent source of income for the rural area and boost the economy there. We hope to develop interest of the local people, who will be motivated to participate in this program.

Serial noDatePlaceNo of trees grafted
1Aug 2010Chinjah1,500
2Aug 2010Kngrotar & Narhotar400
3Mar 2012Poona1,000
4Mar 2013Chinjah600
5Mar 2014Chinjah500
Total grafted4,000

4) Technical Training of young people in a trade for employment :

Under this program we are getting young jobless men trained in a trade, so that they can earn their livelihood. Under this scheme 11 young boys have been trained in trades like airconditioning mechanic, Plumber, electritian, steel fixer and computers. 
15 more young people will start training on 03 November 2014 in plumber trade.

Serial noNo of people trainedYearTrade
122010AC Mechanic in PITAC Lahore
292011Computer skill in Havelian
3112014Plumbers in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
423Aug 2015AC/Fridge Mechanics in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
511Nov 2015Plumbers in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
612Nov 201512 Electricians in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
717Dec 2015AC/fridge Technicians in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
820Feb 2016AC/Fridge Technicians-3 in SOS Technical institute Rawalpindi
913Apr 2016Electricians-2
109May 2016Plumber-3
113+7Sept 2016Motor cycle repair-1 + computer operator-1.
1210Jan 2017Plumbers
137Feb 2017Motorcycle Mechanics
1410Feb 2017Auto Electrician
155April 2017Plumber
1610Sept 2017Auto Electrician
1720March 2018Auto Electrician
1814October 2018Plumber
Total213+1 as Mobile Repair = 214

Pravalli Women training centre, district Rawalpindi.

1. Pind Jatla – Rawalpindi.
In this center 42 girls have completed training and 12 more are under training.

2. Dhoke Sydan ---Rawalpindi.
In this center 14 girls have completed training and 11 more are under training.

3. Taror-Seer Sharqi. Dist Abbottabad.
21 girls completed 6 months course in Oct 18. 5 more are under training.

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