Fields of Activities (Updated March 2017):

Following are the fields in which Pravalli Welfare trust is working in poor rural hilly areas for the betterment of the masses.

1) Clean Drinking Water :
This sector requires lot of work to be done. This is major sector of our activity. In the hilly area girls/women have to travel on the hills for many Kms to fetch a pitcher of water. In doing this they spend 20 % of their time and 70 % of there energy. Till March 2017 we completed 903 water supply schemes; Out of these 484 schemes were given in Sindh including 140 in Thar Desert area - having acute shortage of water. Some Water Supply Schemes are donated by donors for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and dear ones.

2) Financial help to widows --- Goats for Widows
The goats give birth to two to three kids every year. The new born starts producing in two years time. Thus these multiply very rapidly and are beneficial to the economic well being of the very poor segment of society where these can be kept and looked after. In hilly areas where there are vast opportunity to graze the goats it has proved to be very successful. Apart from getting pure milk for the family these fetch them handsome money. The idea came to me when on a tour of these areas I was told by a man that he started with 2 goats 10 years back now has 25 goats and has already sold out 12 male goats during this time to meet his other expenses. We have given goats to 645 widows till now. Out of these 30 are in Sindh.

3) Wedding of orphan girls
Marriages of daughters for financially hard pressed poor widow is a great burden. Initially we started this program both for orphan and poor. But it is very difficult to distinguish who is poor when all start claiming their right for donation. Therefore we have restricted it to orphans only. We started by giving Rs. 35,000 for each marriage but claimants are more. Therefore Now we give Rs. 20,000 to each orphan girl. It is paltry amount when we see only photography session of ‘’Haves’’ costs about Rs. 100,000.

4) Grafting of wild olive trees with good quality Olives.
In our area of operation there are thousand and thousands of Wild Olive Trees called Kaho. We have started grafting these with good quality olives. About 3000 have been grafted by now.

5) Training of young people in technical trade.
There are hundreds of young boys in villages with out job. We have started there training program in a technical trade so that they can earn there livelihood. The social fibre of the rural areas have deteriorated to great extent. Violence and petty crimes/thefts have become norm in these areas. This needs to be addressed. A total of 173 have been trained till March 2017 in the trades of AC & Fridge mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians, Motor Cycle Mechanics, Auto electricians and in computer.

6) Medical camp.
Medical camp in remote hilly areas have been started that provide medical help and free medicines to the poor people who cannot afford to go to hospital due to financial constraints.71 Camps are held till March 2017 in which 6,423 patients were given free medicines since 2012.

7) Education :

a) Education of Orphans/needy:
The standard of education in the rural areas has crossed the limit of bad and is worst possible due to apathy of Govt, parents and teachers. To develop spirit of competition among students and schools 200 scholarships were introduced. For this children had to pass our written test. More then 500 students from 55 schools participate in this yearly event. Those who pass our test are given Rs. 200 per month as scholarship for one year. This scheme continued for about 4 years but did not provide expected results. Therefore, we decided to open our own schools with free education. Following schools were opened.

Schools run by Trust with complete free education.

b. Hamdard School for Slums children In Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
We started a school for city slums children on, June 10 2013, who were collecting garbage or loitering around or working in hotels/shops or with mechanics. The best suited place for this was in Pir-Widhai in Rawalpindi, poorest locality near Rawalpindi and Islamabad. New batches of 35 students have been enrolled and they seem to be interested in formal education. Education is free with free books and stationary. We initially decided to give informal education to these children to make them proficient in reading, writing Urdu and simple Maths. But we are in process to make it formal school for deprived children up to 5th class and keep no of children up to 40 at one time.

c. Pravalli Model for girls Kangrotar.
Girls were taken off from school after primary education due to non availability of a Middle school in this area. We operated a Middle school for girls from 2005 till 2013 with free education. Due to this school many girls have completed education up to Matric. The school has gained the foothold and is now providing education to girls from 1st to 10th class on its own. People are noe financing their children education themselves.

d. Pravalli Model for girls Mairlan.
This school was also established with the same purpose and we ran it for 5 years. After establishment of Govt school, in that locality, this was closed.

e. Pravalli Model School (English Medium) Massah Sayyedan.
This school is sponsored by Mr Osman Ahmad Dar for the last 3 years. It provides quality education to children of this village. The no of students has reached 40. The classes are from Nursery to 5th class. The education is free in all our schools. We have decided to make it stand on its own feet and now children pay their own fee.

8) Support to needy students for college education:
Most of the bright students drop out after Matric due to financial constraints. We give financial assistance to needy students who secure 60 percent marks in Matric exam and pass our test. For this purpose the donor, student and college principal will be made to communicate with each other. In this way the donors will be in touch with the students and will keep watch on their progress. 158 students have been supported till 2016 by our friends/donors for college education. If they get admission in Govt. Medical or Engineering colleges then they are supported there as well. Out of these students supported by us 4 completed Engineering, Three are in medical college 12 more are pursuing degree course in BBA, BCS and one has done Master in agriculture.

9) Fruit trees distribution/Plantation.
We started this Fruit trees plantation program in 2013 and a total 7400 fruit trees were distributed in this period and 3000 wild olive trees grafted with good quality olive branches. We have distributed fruit trees among farmers in villages of Chinjah, Sataura, Kangrotar, trimman, Fateh abad, Hairlan, Mairlan, Nara, Dubran, Narhotar, Kohala.
In addition we planted 300 trees under ‘’Green Thar scheme’’ as a pilot project in September in village Dhoonjh in Islamkot area of Thar. This have been donated by Mrs Sana Irfan in USA.
We gave Apricot (Khubani), Plumb (Alu Bokhara), Peach (Aaru) Lemon, Guava (Amrud), Pomegrate (Anar) and Anjir (Fig –Japanese Fruit) to the farmers.

10 ) Ramzan Package
In Ramazan we plan give Rs. 5000 to 300 widows. Last year response to our Ramzan Packages was very good and we could reach out to 412 widows. We have been able to distribute Rs 5,000 per widow initially among 185 widows in North. Later when more and more requests came for help then we distributed Rs.3000 in Rawalpindi area among 25 widows. In Islamkot area of Thar Desert we distribute 70 packages of Rs. 50,000 each. In Deplo area of Thar 50 widows were given Rs. 3000 each. In Mithi area of Thar 55 widows were given Rs. 3000 each. This change in amount was made on the request of our volunteers so as to reach out to maximum poor families. Lastly 20 widows were given this package in Ghotki, Sind. Thus we have been able to distribute Rs. 1,765,000 among the widows and disabled this year. This converts to 353 Ramzan packages of Rs. 5000 each.
In addition we were given 250 Food packages by Mr Salman Ahmad for distribution among widows. These were distributed in villages Kohala, Bandi, Daccan Paisar, Jabri and among 6 villages around Lora in District Abbottabad and Hari Pur. Also in villages Takht Pari, Pind jatla, Groli, Mohra Sangian and Mohra Loharan in Rawalpindi area. We are thankful to our benevolent brothers and sisters who made it possible for us to reach out to 412 widows this year.

Pravalli Welfare Trust is registered NGO.

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