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Newsletter April 2018

Pravalli welfare Trust  (18th  year of service to humanity )      

Newsletter – April - 2018

1.                   Construction of roof of houses for widows and poor.

We have been able to assist in giving roofs to 7 people and one room house made in Larkana, Sind for poor family. In hilly areas roof of houses of poor people are made of wooden planks and mud on top of them. After few years wood gets weak and due to weight of earth it collapses. Some of poor and widows cannot make new roof and get displaced. Through courtesy of friends we are helping in getting these fallen houses with tin roof. Seven houses have been completed through courtesy of our donors. 2 by Mr S. Shahid Mukhtar Shah, one by Mr Maqsood, one Mr Qamar, one Mrs Shabana Kausar, one Mr Naeem Akhtar,  one Mr Hadi c/o ILF, one Mr Yehya Queshi/Mr Abid saleem.

One room house with Iron girders roof for a disabled family in a village near Larkana through the benevolence of  Mr Arbab Maqsood Ahmad have been completed.

2.                    Help to orphan girls for marriage.

7 more orphan girls were helped financially to get married last month. Total no of girls helped so far has reached 402. We pay Rs. 20,000 to these orphan girls. Even this meager amount is sought by these poor widows with lot of prayers and thanks for donors. We send details of the girls helped to the donors with photos of money being distributed. In year 2016 we have been able to support 116 orphan girls under this scheme. We are thankful to our donors whose continued support has made it possible. Jazak Allah.

3.                   Water Supply Schemes.  

During month of  April 17 schemes were completed. 7 pumps on behalf of RRAI in Sind, 2 on behalf of Mrs Khurshid, one by col saadat, 3 by LFCT, one by Dr Shoaib, and one by Mr Jawad Ahsani.  Out of these 2 are in North and rest are in Thar and other parts of sind and Rajan Pur, Punjab. A total of 1188 schemes have been completed in the last 17 years. Out of these 702 were made in Sind including 210 in Thar Desert area. Many friends have donated schemes for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah. Donors are sent photos of the schemes they sponsored on completion. May Allah reward all those brothers and sisters who have participated in alleviating sufferings of the poor. Work on 11 more water supply schemes is in progress.

4.                   Technical training for jobless young men.

17th course for training 20 boys as auto electricians completed on April 27. It was two months course.  Up till now  64 young   have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 44 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 14 in computer, 48 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians, in SOS Technical Institute Rawalpindi. We pay course fee, arrange and pay for accommodation and pay Rs 2,000 to each trainee per month for food. A total of 221 young boys were given trade training to earn for themselves and their families. Latest course was mainly financed by Mr Javed Mahmood Ahsani. Jazak Allah.

5.                 Ramzan Package for widows and poor.

This year we will In Sha Allah will be giving 500 packages of Rs. 5000 cash to each widow through the benevolence of our brothers and sisters. In addition 600 food parcels weighing 40.750 Kg will be handed over to widows and destitute. In Thar area we will give Stores but in hilly areas managing transportation of 400 Maunds of stores will be difficult, therefore, we decided to pay them its cost of Rs. 3000 to each. 200 parcels being given in Thar are donated by LFCT.

6.                Establishment of Medical camps in hilly areas.

Medical Camp no 86 was held in village Satora last month. In this 80 patients were treated with free medicines. In these camps 8018 patients were given free medicines since 2012. These camps are arranged by one brother & his sister for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah.

7.          Rozgar scheme for widows and needy with Goats.

Two more widows were given 3 goats each in North in Month of March, One more in Thar was given 4. Thus a total of 61families have been supported so far. 49 in Sind and 12 in North. Our Pilot project undertaken 2 years back proved that they will be having 12 to 14 goats after 2 years after selling ‘male goats’ for Rs. 18,000 or so. This will eliminate poverty of most vulnerable segment of society. We are certain that in 2/3 years time they will be economically better off and will be able to sustain themselves better. This month goats were given on behalf of  Mr Wijdan Nizami.


8.                Training to women in stitching and embroidery.

7 girls who had completed 4 months course were given certificates last month. Third center was established in village Taror, Seer Sharqi, district Abbottabad. There are 18 women learning the craft. Two are already working in Rawalpindi.  44 women/ girls are under training in our three centers. Till now 42 in Pind Jatla near Rawat and 14 in Dhoke Sydan, Rawalpindi.

9.                 Financial help to widows and destitute and other Misc works.  

a.         4 widows/orphans  were given sowing machines.

b.         7 more were helped financially apart from Ramzan package.

c.         Help was given in road improvement/construction to three localities.

d.        One family with three disabled children given Motor cycle for normal child to

       do earning for the rest of the family.

e.         5 disabled men given financial help.

f.          Cow was given to a man who turned blind at the age of 45 years.

g.        5 Wheel chairs were given to invalids.

h.        Hearing Aid to partially deaf  man.

i.          18 poor fellows were financially helped in Thar whose houses were burnt.  

j.          Help to Christian families at the time of Easter and Christmas every year.

10.           Construction of  Medical/ Technical training facility.

We completed construction of 3 room facility for a medical dispensary cum technical training facility in village Satora with the kind courtesy of Admiral Iftikhar Ahmad Sirohey. Trying to get an MBBS doctor to start this medical center.    

11.           Roshan Thar.

Total no houses given Solar Electricity has reached 51. There are wide stretches where there is no electricity and no roads in Thar. We do not expect it to be electrified for the next 20 years seeing the availability of electricity in the country and performance of the successive Govts in Sind. We launched ‘’Roshan Thar” scheme to provide each house with three solar light bulbs. It will have capacity to run a fan as well but the fan will be purchased by the people themselves. We started this program by providing this facility to widows and very poor households. We hope to get good initial response from our donors.  Solar lights given this month are 10 through the courtesy of Mrs Shahnaz Dar and one by Mr Khalid Hassan.

12.           Construction of Masajids.

We have been lucky that friends asked us to assist in construction of three mosques at different localities. One was made in village Mohra Sangian in District Rawaipindi, one in village Satora in District Abbottabad and one in Thar. Alhamd-o-Lillah.

13.           Goats for the widows.

 655 widows have been given one goat each. This program have been replaced with Rozgar scheme with goats given at serial 1 above.  In futue we will give 4 goats to most vulnerable widows and disabled families under micro financing scheme as given at serial 1 above.

14.              College education scholarships for orphan/poor students.

Next batch of poor/ orphan students will be selected after announcement of Matric results in June/July. 10 were selected in 2017, were given 6 monthly installment of stipend on 23rd of March. 12 boys/girls were given scholarship in 2016 and 9 of 2015. Results of first year and were sent to donors. Two of our orphan girls from 2013 batch have secured admission in Govt Medical College. That is great achievement for the poor girls. Our Donors are supporting them for MBBS degrees as well.  The bright ones are supported further for Medical/Engg /BCS/BBA. They will be supported there as well through Qarz-e-Hasna scheme. Four more are already doing engineering and three are in Medical College.  Five of our students have obtained Engg degrees, one in MBBS, 8 BBA and 4 BCS. More are pursuing their studied in Engg, software Engg, Medical and BBA/MBA programs. Total no of students supported till now is 168.

15.             Fruit Trees Plantation

400 trees were distributed March 2018. 110 trees were distributed in Sind in July 2017. This year there have been heavy rains in that region and hope the trees will grow fast. In August 2016  we distributed 200 fruit and shady trees in Thar desert area to be planted in individuals homes. We started this Fruit trees plantation program in 2013. A total 7910 fruit trees were distributed in last 3 years and 3000 wild olive trees grafted with good quality olive branches. These have started bearing fruit.

16.       Rozgar Schemes for jobless poor with Qarz-e-Hasna.

 One more person was given loan to start business in Musa Khel Dera Ghazi Khan. 32 people were given interest free loans. Out of these 20 are in Sind and 12 in Rawalpindi & Abbottabad districts. They have started their own business. The recovery from some has become slow; we are perusing them to pay back the remaining amount early.

17.           Schools run by Trust with complete free education.

Hamdard School for Slums children In Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

We started a school for city slums children on June 10, 2013, who were collecting garbage or loitering around or working in hotels/shops or with mechanics. The best suited place for this was in Pir-Widhai in Rawalpindi, poorest locality near Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There are 52 students who have been enrolled and they seem to be interested in formal education. Education is free with free books, uniform and stationary. We are in the process to make it formal school for deprived children up to 5th class and keep no of children up to 50 at one time. This school is sponsored by a Lady Doctor in Canada. Allah’s blessing is on her and her family for this act of kindness to deprived segment of society back home.


18th year of service to Humanity

Col  Mushtaq Ahmad (R)

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