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Newsletter March 2019

Pravalli welfare Trust  (19th  year of service to humanity Newsletter  March 2019

1.        Ramzan Package for widows and poor.

Ramzan will start around 7th of May this year. Friends are requested to participate in this program. Last year Alhamd-o-Lillah we have been able to give out cash Rs. 5000 to 615 needy (out of these 100 were in Thar). In addition we were able to give out 313 food packets of 41.75 Kg in dhoonj Thar (200), and 20 each in Ghotki, Muipur, shikar Pur, chhachhro Thar and RajanPur and 13 in Islamabad. In hilly areas we distributed equivalent of these stores cash Rs. 3000 among 458 widows. Thus in total we have been able to reach out to 1386 needy families

2.      Distribution of Ration in Thar desert area.

There have been no rains in Thar desert area since long and people are suffering very badly due to shortage of food. LFT helped us to distribute  Rs. 3000 worth of food to each of 300 families. This month 37 Rations from RRAI and 24 more on behalf of other friends were distribute in Thar. We chose disabled, widows and very poor for help in this distribution.

3.            Water Supply Schemes.  

39 schemes were completed in month of March. Out of these 4 are in North 6 in Thar and 29 more were made in Sukhar, Rajan Pur and Mir Pur Sind. A total of 1405 schemes have been completed in the last 18 years. Out of these 859 were made in Sind including 291 in Thar desert areas. Many friends have donated schemes for Esal-e-Sawab of their parents and loved ones. Jazak Allah. Donors are sent photos of the schemes they sponsored on completion with their name plate on the scheme. I am going to THAR Desert area for one week in April to see the usefulness of our schemes done there.

4.         Help to orphan girls for marriage.

10 more orphan girls were helped financially to get married ithis month. Total no of girls helped so far has reached 468. We pay Rs. 30,000 to these orphan girls and Rs 20,000 to those not orphan but poor. Even this meager amount is sought by these poor widows with lot of prayers and thanks for donors.

5.       Education of Children in Thar desert area.

While getting some papers signed from villagers we came to know that whole population of that village is illiterate and their children are also illiterate since they do have school in 15 Km radius.  We decided to concentrate of education where there are no schools in Sind in general and Thar in particular. We started our first school there with 42 Children. I am going to THAR Desert area for one week in April to see the need of more schools in that area.  

6.          Rozgar scheme for widows and needy with Goats.

This program has been changed and now we give one goat with a 3 or 4 months old child to a widows. The child goat is taken back from her after 3 more months and given to next widow in line. Under this new scheme three widows have been helped.   

72 women were given four goats in Thar or three goats in North with the promise that they will give back one child goats per goat given to be distributed to next widows on list. In Thar area due to famine (no rain for the last two years) the goats could not bear the children. Some originally given also died. But 70 % are still alive. Hope this will change with rains in next season.

 Before that under one goat for each widow scheme 655 goats were distributed. Thank to donors for coming to the help of these needy widows. Jazak Allah.

7.         College scholarships for orphan/poor students.

10 more boys/girls were selected this year for help in their college education. They along with older batches were paid six monthly scholarship installments on 23 March. Next installment will be given on 14 August. We send results of these students to donors after first year and second year results are out. Total no of students supported till now is 178.

8.        Technical training for jobless young men.

Course no 21 for training as 12 Electrician was started on 4 March 19. This two months course will end in last week of April.  In all of our 20 courses completed so far 97 boys have been trained in AC/fridge repairs, 44 as Electricians, 11 as Motor cycle mechanic, 14 in computer, 62 as plumbers and 40 as Auto Electricians. A total of 268 young boys were given trade training to earn for themselves and their families.

9.          Establishment of Medical camps in hilly areas.

Medical camp no 95 was held in village Satora this month. 43 patients were treated with free medicines in these camps. In total 8889 patients were given free medicines since 2012. These camps are arranged by one brother & his sister for the Esal-e-Sawab of their parents. Jazak Allah.

10.         Trees Plantation

Last month 200 fruit trees were distributed among farmers in village Takht Parri near Rawalpindi and 800 trees were planted on the mountains in District Abbottabad. 1,800 trees were planted in district Badin, Chhachhro-Thar, Tando Muhammad Khan and Ghotki in Sind in August 2018. In total 10,710 fruit/ other trees were distributed and 3000 wild olive trees grafted with olive branches. These have started bearing fruit.

11.        Training to women in stitching of clothes.

In four centers that were opened with the help of LFT 3 months back in Sind 46 girls completed training in stitching clothes. Now second course will be starting there. Center are in Mirpur, Tando Allah Yar and Chhachhro & Rajan pur (south Punjab). Two are working in Rawalpindi. 15 women/ girls are under training there. Till now 207 have completed training successfully.

12.    Distribution of Sewing Machines & wheel chairs.

 40 widows/orphans were given sewing machines and 9 Wheel chairs were given to invalids.

13.         Hamdard Schools --- One more school opened in Thar.

One more ALL FREE school was opened in Thar desert area where there was no school in 15 Km radius. 42 children were going without education even in 21st century. First ALL FREE Hamdard School was started on June 10, 2013, in slum area of Rawalpindi in Pir-Widhai in Rawalpindi. This school is sponsored by a Lady Doctor in Canada.

19th year of service to Humanity

Col  Mushtaq Ahmad (R)

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

(??Pravalli?? is pothohari language word, spoken around Islamabad, meaning ??brotherhood??)

These works are being done through donation. My contribution is almost nil. I am only a facilitator. Allah?s blessings be on donors. We do not have trust office/ transport or employees to ensure that max of donations reach the needy.  


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